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Hair Loss Talk

hair lossWelcome to this website. The intent is to write blogs and finding ways of fighting against hair loss or Balding Treatments That Work Well to The Main Reasons for Thinning Hair or Hair loss and much more.
Here you can find lots of information, tips and advice on how to cope with baldness.

Sad to say, hair loss is an everyday situation in men, women and pets too. Although women scarcely lose all their hair, they sometimes sustain a thinning of hair around the crown area. In some cases, it can become quite prominent. Let's see what can be done to avoid this....

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 Hair Loss Talk


People have about 100,000 strands of hair on their head. About 100 fall out each day, but they usually grow back. Most men are bald but girls and woman are only bald if they loose their hair from a disease called Alopecia.

Men often lose some of their hair as they grow older. This is known as baldness, and doctors call it "male pattern baldness". Its name comes from the fact that hair loss almost always follows the same pattern. It begins by hair falling out first from the front and sides of the head, and thinning from the top of the head, usually until it is all gone. After a while, all that may be left is a fringe of hair running above the ears and around the lower back of the head. Even though it is unusual for women to go bald, many women suffer from thinning hair over the top of their head as they grow old.

 People have tried to find cures for hair loss for thousands of years. In an effort to get their hair back, men have tried "cures" like applying strange lotions ..........

........Many unproven "cures" are still marketed today. It is only in the last decade or so that treatments have been developed which do sometimes work. Some doctors do hair transplants, where they take tiny plugs of hair from areas like the back of the neck and plant them in the bald spots on the head. Some drugs have been tested and approved for sale as hair loss treatments. They encourage hair regrowth and thickening, but work better if applied before hair loss turns to baldness.
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